Create Your Own Website

Build your own website with website wizard

Would you like to create your own website?

Watch the video tutorials and see if you can create your website in less than 30 minutes. All Mark Walsh Design web hosting accounts offer a Website Wizard which will enable you to create your own website. It is really easy to use and no technical knowledge is required. 


  1. You will need a Mark Walsh Design web hosting account
  2. You will need a domain name (website address) either purchased from me or one of your own. If you do have your own domain you will need to point it to your Mark Walsh Design hosting account.
  3. You need to have a device and internet access to browse the web, e.g. PC, laptop, tablet (a phone would be a bit too small)

You can buy your hosting account online now and the domain if you need one – visit My Wee Shop

Watch YouTube Videos of how to create your own website in less than 30 minutes…

Part 1 – Getting your website address, hosting and email accounts set up. Duration – 6 minutes.

Part 2 – Modify & publish your new website. Duration – 17 minutes.